Monday, September 29, 2008

Jeff is the BEST!!!

So Monday started off a little more ruff for me than normal. I was still recovering from the flu YUCK and my house was in super bad need of a good scrub down from top to bottom. Which if you know its not really that bad, but a dirty house REALLY bugs me. One of my OCD’s I guess. ANYWAYS. So I wake up still feeling really gross and really grumpy. I tired everything to shake the grumps and it just seemed to get worse. Jeff knew I was having a bad morning and called to see how I was. He could tell from the second I said hello that it was not good. He told me to keep my chin up and that it would all get better. When I hung up the phone I couldn’t help but think “yeah right”. Well a couple hours later he calls again with a surprise. Jeff wanted to take a Southern Caribbean cruise but when he went to book it, it was all-full. So he put us on a waiting list for it and if any spots opened up he would book the trip and then tell me. WELL… we are not on the waiting list anymore!!!!! He was going to surprise me with it a little closer to the trip, but could tell I could use the surprise today. SURPRISE TO ME!!!! My super wonderful husband is taking me on a cruise again!!!!! I am the LUCKIEST woman I know!!!! So here we come Aruba!!!

P.S. January seems sooooo far away now!!!


Drew and Randi said...

I would have to agree! man!! your a lucky women!! maybe one day we can go on one together!! because i agree that's the only way to travel!

Anonymous said...

What! I'm so sure :> Maaattthhhewwww! When do I get to go on a cruise??? Jeff's taking Jenn on one!!!! (think he heard me?!!)