Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aynsley’s First Day Of School!

So Aynsley had her first day of toddler pre-school today!!! She loved it!!! I was really worried that she was going to cry or be mean maybe. But as soon as we walked into the classroom she took off towards the kitchen toy set and started playing. She waved bye, blew me some kisses and said love you in her cute two year old voice. The roles had reversed themselves, she was the cool, calm, collected one and I was the one about to cry. My sweet little baby was ok without me. I have to say at the same time it was a relief; she could be on her own and was just fine with it. The teacher said she did really well, and that she was a cute addition to their class (Aynsley did give her problems when it came to getting her picture taken and wouldn’t smile for her. Her picture is the grumpiest faced kid I have ever seen.) There are only four other students in the class with one teacher and two aids. They have story time, crafts, outside play or gym play, they learn a game to play, then it’s snack time and time to go home. The icing on the cake is that I found out about this wonderful class through my sister in law Jill. Her son Brady has been in the class for about a month now. So Aynsley had her buddy Brady to show her the ropes! I know it’s a bit silly but I’m so proud of her, what a brave big girl she is!!!


Drew and Randi said...

wow!!! she is getting so big!! I can't believe it.. pre-school!! I'm glad she had a fun tim.

The Brownings said...

School time already!! Yeah Aynsley :>