Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Party!

On Sunday we had the Blanda family Halloween party. It was so much fun!!! All of the kids brought a craved pumpkin to decorate the kitchen with and later we had an award ceremony, they each got a cute little certificate and a fun prize from the caldron. Aynsley’s pumpkin was the most “meow” errific. It was really cute, thanks aunt Jill for the awards. We had a killer menu for dinner, which included a spooky spider web dip, mummy wrapped cheese dogs, eyeball tortilla soup (the eye balls were made of sour cream and black olives), and for dessert I made a scary Frankenstein cake (made out of cupcakes) and a fun pumpkin cake. And to help the kids burn the sugar we had a mummy PiƱata! It was a really wonderful party and the best way to spend an evening. I’m so thankful for get togethers like that.


Drew and Randi said...

looks like alot of fun!! you costumes looks great!! love the cup-cakes.. yumm

Anonymous said...

I love it!! So much fun and very creative :>
See you this weekend!