Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Fhew what a busy couple of weeks, we had LOTS of Halloween fun at the Blanda home. To start it off we had our annual Blanda costume Halloween party! It was a BLAST, one of the best years yet I think. Everyone came and had a wonderful time!!! It was so good to see all of our friends; we need to do it more often. For the life of me I will never understand why everyone insists on standing in my tiny kitchen but that was where the party was. LOL. Thanks to everyone who came and made it the best year yet!
Later that week Aynsley had her school Halloween carnival. She went dressed as Dorothy from the wizard of oz and her buddy/cousin Brady went as the crowdedly lion. It was soooo cute. They had loads of games to play and gave the out TONS of candy. She didn’t like having to wait in line for her turn to play, but she figured it out. We have to work on waiting our turn and sharing I think.
And last but not least on Halloween day we did a lot. We went to visit Grandma Johnson at her work and have some lunch! YUMMY! Then we went to Grandpa Johnson’s work to say Happy Halloween, and then it was home for a quick nap. After we woke up we went up to Grandma Blanda’s house to trick or treat with the cousins. Then it was time to pick up daddy from work and eat our pumpkin shaped pizza (so cute, you get them at papa Murphy’s) then off to trick or treat in the neighborhood with the cousin again. Aynsley was sooo cute; she would get to the door and yell trick or treat in her little voice. I loved it! Aynsely went as Dorothy and mommy was snow white, while daddy was a great big gorilla. She got TONS of candy, more than a two old could ask for. It was a wonderful Halloween season. Now bring on the turkey!

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Jessarella said...

Great pictures. Thank you for inviting us. We had an awesome time. Wish we could have stayed longer but had to get home to our twinners.