Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wonder what she will flush first?

So for the last two weeks Jeff and I have been potty training Aynsley. She has been doing really awesome, and has been accident free for 6 days now!!! Go Aynsley!!! Aynsley has also learned how to flush the potty. She gets a little upset if you flush the toilet for her, she wants to do it. It’s one of her new favorite things to do. Well this Monday while I was cleaning the house and I heard her flush the toilet, I waited for her to come and get me (she will come and get me so I can see that she was a big girl and went in the potty) she didn’t. So another minute goes by and I hear another flush, I wait again and no Aynsley. So I decided to check it out, well she was blowing her nose with some toilet paper and then flushing it. It was so cute, she looked up at me and said in her two-year-old talk Mama I have boogers in my nose! It made me laugh and realize that just like all other two year olds that discover the flush, she will most likely flush something that shouldn’t be flushed. So it’s not really a question of will she, but a question of when and what??

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Drew and Randi said...

What a big/cute girl!! hope everything is going good!