Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brady's Birthday Bash!

Back in February was Brady’s birthday; we had a really nice party for him. But Brady was not feeling so hot, and didn’t really get to enjoy his party. So now that Brady is feeling all better, and lots of family is in town. We are re doing Brady’s Birthday! And it was an over the top birthday Hawaiian luau, we will have balloon animals, fishing holes, water slides, face painting, bean bag toss, snow cones, crazy golf, a sponge bob sqarure pants piñata, and a some cake to top it all off. The party was so great! Hats off to Jill and Diane, you ladies are amazing. The décor had the total ambience of being in Hawaii; everyone at the party had worn their Hawaiian gear. I would guess that there were at least 20 kids all running around having the time of their life’s. I would say the water slide was the big attraction, but all of the other games were played. Brady even got to go down the slide with Grandpa Blanda. I manned the fishing hole, the kids had to fish in the pond to get a package of Swedish fish, a lot harder than you would think. After we let the kids have a sugar rush (quickly followed by a sugar crash) it was time for dinner. Diane made sloppy Joes Yum! Jamie had made potato salad, Perfect! Stan’s mom brought her famous Broccoli slaw, Loved it! I had brought the veggie tray and a chip dip I had wanted to make and try on a crowd. It seemed to be a bit of a success, I had no left over to take home. The party was perfect; it is definitely something I will always remember and think fondly of. We love you Brady boy!

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