Monday, July 6, 2009

The weekend of the 4th

This Fourth of July was a little lower key for the Blanda’s. This year we went to the block party thrown by Boyd and Carrie (family pretty much). Everyone brought their BBQ’s and meat, and then the rest was potluck. I would guess and say that about 80 people showed up, we took up the whole street. All of the kids were running around, riding their bikes, and playing with sparklers. Everyone brought fireworks so we had TONS!!! We had a 30-minute show with about 5-6 fireworks going off all at once. Aynsley really loved them this year; she sat on the front row with her two best buddies Fisher and Lilly. After the clean up it was time to go home.
On Sunday we had the whole Blanda family over to our house for a BBQ. Everyone got in the pool even grandma and grandpa Blanda. Everyone was having a blast playing water basketball, squirting each other with the water cannons. I think even at one point Jeff tried dunking Diane (grandma), of course he lost when his sisters came to her rescue. For dinner the kids had hot dogs while the adults had cedar plank salmon. Then for dessert we had cake, ice cream and cookies. The kids really got into their ice cream, LOL. It was so nice to have everyone over, and get everyone in the pool. Before everyone had left we were already planning the next one. Well that’s that, spread love.

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