Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching Up!

So a TON has happened in the last two weeks, so I’ll start from the beginning. Two weeks ago my little brother had his bachelor party up at my parents cabin, and of course Jeff went. So that left Aynsley and I alone for a girl’s weekend. Friday night was spa night and girl’s night for mommy (once a week I hang out with my girlfriends from high school, so fun.) Then on Saturday morning we went to IHOP (Aynsley’s favorite place to eat, she is a huge pancake fan) then we took the train to down town to finally see the children’s museum, at gateway. Aynsley LOVED the train ride down and LOVED the museum even more. It’s really a cute and awesome place, thanks Rocky for telling me about it. I can’t wait to take her back again. That night we watched movies and went to bed early. We were both totally pooped. Jeff came home on Sunday; he was wearing the same clothes he left in. I guess that means they all had a really good time. On Monday we had the rehearsal for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at Carver’s, so YUMMY! It was really nice to get to meet all of Randis family. Tuesday was the big day! I had a hair appointment for Aynsley so she would have cute flower girl hair, she screamed through the whole appointment. I was so worried that she was going to be same way at the wedding, but I guess she got it all out because she did PERFECT! Jeff and I were so proud of her. She walked all the way down the aisle stood right were she was supposed to and waited until Randi was all the way down aisle then came and sat quietly next to Jeff and I. Randi looked GORGOUS one the prettiest brides I have ever seen, Joe didn’t look to shabby either. LOL he actually looked quite the stud in his pinstriped suite. I was a perfect wedding I think; they had a yummy sundae bar with ice cream from cold stone. And as most everyone knows weddings at Millennium falls are always so pretty. Joe and Randi have been together for 5 years! I know that they are perfect for each other; I am so excited that they decide to make a life together. And I am even more excited to have Randi as a sister. I forgot my own camera so I will have to post pics later when I get them from Randi.
On Wednesday I packed up our trailer and headed to Fairview for fathers day weekend. Jeff and I hadn’t been camping yet, which is pretty odd for us. It was really nice to finally get camping, it was a bit rainy but I wont complain. We were able to get in some fishing, four wheeling, and some card games with the whole family during the rainy times. It really was an awesome long weekend; Jeff’s whole family was there which always makes for a fun time. So after a busy two weeks I decided to take it a little slow this week. I finally did get to finish painting Aynsley’s big girl room. And we got to the pool with Jamie and her kids this week to. Well that’s that! Until next time spread love.

P.S. There is still no baking at the Blanda’s! Keep your fingers crossed for us that it will happen soon

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Drew and Randi said...

figures are still crossed! was wondering when you where going to post something about it!!