Monday, June 1, 2009


Last weekend was filled with yard work and working on the trailer, getting it ready and such. And on Sunday afternoon Jeff and I learned a parents Murphy’s Law.
Murphy’s Law
105- when it’s a Sunday afternoon just before a Monday holiday children will hurt themselves, badly! No pediatrician or dentist until TUESDAY morning.

I have to say that Aynsley is one tough little girl; out of the whole experience I was more upset then she was! Silly mommy! Well Sunday afternoon I had some brownies on the counter, Aynsley being a normal toddler just went and grabed one of her kitchen chairs dragged it into the kitchen to the counter were the brownies were and what I’m guessing (I was not in the room when it happened) tried to stand on the chair it slipped out from under her at some point and she hit her teeth on the counter. OUCH!!!! She came running out to the trailer were I was, Jeff was running after her. He looked so worried! And that totally freaked me out! After we all calmed down, got the bleeding under control, got Aynsley to open her mouth so I could even look in to see what was wrong, and then called Grandma Johnson aka my mommy. She came up gave her a good look down then gave her some pez. She finished calming me down and told me that it was really not that bad. In the end after talking to the dentist, and my mom we decided to go with the recommended advice, which was to wait until Tuesday. Something about letting the gums settles before they can do anything to them. But like I said before Aynsley is a tough little girl. At her dentist appointment we found out that there was no nerve damage and that the gums would go back to normal all on there own. He had us make another appointment in two weeks to double check. Wow I was so thinking it was soooo much worse. Silly mommy! I have to say that Jeff and I are lucky, she made it three years before her first big OUCH!
Well after that the rest of the week was really tame, lots of spaghetti O’s, side walk chalking all over the pads in the back, a little cleaning and laundry which is always super fun, bike rides to pick up Jeff aka daddy from work, BBQing dinner in the back, and really fun Friday afternoon hikes. Aynsley and I like little cottonwood. When we get there Aynsley calls it the jungle, and then says we are on an adventure. She is so cute with her little backpack and boots, I’m glad to have my little hiking buddy.

Saturday we had a wedding, my cousin Heidi and the love of her life Jay were married in Ogden. I got to see her before she walked down the aisle, all pretty in her dress. Which was gorgeous I think, it had a super cute ribbon and bow around the waist. She seemed so excited, happy, and full of love, I thought for a monument she might fly away! Afterwards Jeff and I went to dinner with my younger brother Joe who was also at the wedding. We went to Rock Creek, which is always yummy and fun! I love my family, and I really love doing things with them. Well that’s seems to be all the exciting news I can remember from this week and last. Until next time……spread love.

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Drew and Randi said...

oh, what a tuff little girl!! I'm glad she is all better now!!