Monday, May 18, 2009

Where does the time fly?!?!

Ok so I know! Holy cow it’s been like two months. I have been a really busy bee lately with Easter, birthday’s, anniversaries, bridle showers, hours of yard work, and mother’s day. I hope my little brain can remember everything.

Easter was pretty normal with us. We went up to Grandma Diane’s and dyed Easter eggs with all the cousins. Which is always super fun, thanks Grandma Diane for the 5 dozen eggs we got to dye. That night the Easter bunny hid our eggs in the back yard for Aynsley to find in the morning. And boy did she have a total blast finding them all; she was so cute out in the back with her little pink robe holding her basket. Freaking out every time she found another one, so the best! And to finish off our holiday we had Easter dinner at Grandma Johnson’s, always yummy! Aynsley walked away with yet MORE candy then we know what to with. She just finished all her Christmas candy, we are a one to two pieces a day kind of family. I’m thinking that between the two Grandma’s I will never have to buy sweets and treats every again. LOL!

In April we have four family members birthdays! My brother Miah, my sister in law Jamie, and her two boys Hunter and Fisher. For my older brother we all got together for dinner at my mom’s. She made BBQ chicken with all the fixings. YUMMY! For Jamie’s, Hunter, and Fisher we did one big party up at Jeff’s moms. We had a pirate-teamed party; we all had hats and patches even some scary teeth if you wanted to. There was buried treasure to be found with an old map that X marked the spot. The kids had so much fun finding all the clues and the treasure. There was pirate piñata and the coolest cake I have ever seen, shout out to Jill “the cake master”. It was a really cool party and I can’t wait to see what we do next!

Jeff and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this April 27. Because we had our trip earlier this year we did a low-key celebration. We went to lunch at Paradise and then we were supposed to go to the tulip festival but it was rainy and cold so we went shopping for more fun things to put in the yard. Then we came home to change for dinner, we went to Carvers (yummy prime rib). Then we picked up Aynsley (my mom watched her during the day after lunch) went home and did the PJ, movie thing. I did do one little thing, a couple of days before Jeff and I got married I recorded a video of myself singing a song that I thought best fit Jeff and I (and us getting married) then on our wedding day I sent the video to his changing room right before the wedding so he could watch and listen to me sing to him (being that I was way way to chicken to sing in front of everyone.) I also had a cute little speech to, but anyways! Every year I always find a new song to sing to him and this year it was Halo by Beyonce. I LOVE that song!!!! It’s exactly how I felt when we got together. If that song was out when we got married I would have sang it front of everyone, bad voice or not! We did get to the tulip festival, it was wonderful! All the tulips were in bloom, none were dead yet. This was the first year we have been so we were impressed.


Hunter was baptized at the beginning of May! HOLY COW he’s 8!!! What a little man he has turned into, I am so proud to his aunt! Go Hunter!!

Bridal Shower

My mom and I threw a bridal shower for our soon to be Johnson Randi! My younger brother and Randi are getting married this June! WAHOO!!! The shower took A LOT of yard work to get ready for; it was in my back yard! But all of our super hard work totally paid off! The shower was a success! The weather was perfect, the chocolate fountain worked, and all the food was prepared and out on time. My mom and I thought we weren’t going to pull it off, we were running around like chickens for the last hour. But we did it!! We did need a margarita after but it was a victory drink!

Mother’s day!

For mothers day we did brunch up at Jeff’s parents, his mom made yummy fiesta quiche! Then we had dinner with my parents, we went to Red Lobster, double YUMMY! I got a really cool water fountain for my patio from Jeff and Aynsley. It’s so my favorite place to sit now in the mornings! Thanks Babe!

Well I guess that’s all my new news! There is still no baking going on at the Blanda’s. For those of you who know what I’m talking about.

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Drew and Randi said...

glad to see you guys are still alive!! love the pictures!! hope to see you guys really soon!! xxoxo