Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saturdays with Grandma, a month long birthday, and a big girl bed!

Holy cow the Blanda’s have been busy! We had Aynsley’s third birthday at the start of the month, which took three weeks to celebrate. She had three separate parties! And of course the grandparents spoiled her, it was like Christmas number two. Let’s just say Aynsley has her own grocery store complete with shopping cart and teller.
With the weather being so nice (while it lasted) we were doing a lot of outside yard work, going for walks with Aunt Jamie, going to the park, and coming up with reasons to run errands. Which didn’t leave a ton of time for blogging. Aynsley and I have also been spending our Saturday afternoons with Grandma Johnson. We went to the gateway and took the train, Aynsley LOVED it. We were shopping for dresses to wear to the upcoming Johnson wedding (YEAH GO JOE AND RANDI). The funny things is that my mom and I got more excited about going into Sur La Table than any of the other clothes store. The next Saturday we hit up a few craft and hobbies stores to start getting ideas for Randi’s bridle shower. I am so excited about this shower, it going to be super cute!
On another new note Aynsley has finally graduated from the crib to a big girl bed. I know I know, what took us so long. I’m not really sure what we were waiting for. Maybe another baby, but being that it’s taking a little longer than we hoped. We thought it was time, plus Jamie gave me a free twin bed. It was just a plain wooden bed, so it needed a few changes first. After some cute pink crackle paint it looked perfect for Aynsley. Now I just have to work on painting and making it a big girl room instead of a baby room.

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Brittany and AJ said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 3!!! How time flies:) Sounds like things are good in the Blanda house, and good luck in the baby-making department.