Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks Aynsley

Our little family is always on the go. Busy. Busy. Busy. From sun up to sun down it can be a bit of a race. The day will be wrapping up and Jeff and I will start to entertain the idea of relaxing. And then there is Aynsley. Who is so far from even thinking the word (which I’m thinking she gets from me). She is always pulling on mine or Jeff’s hand saying, walk, or hike, or bike ride. She really knows how to crake the whip on her old mom and dad. But this is no complaint. More like a reflection on how grateful I am that my daughter is so active and how active she is getting her parents to be. She would fall asleep running if it was possible. The only time she is being still is when she is asleep. When I was younger and would think about having my own family and how we would be. I always pictured that very outdoors/active/healthy type of family for myself. So in short thanks Aynsley for kicking your mom and dads butts in active/healthy gear!!!


Anonymous said...

More bike rides please!! What a cutie :>

Jessarella said...

Hi guys! I found your blog from Jenny's. I am excited to check your blog and keep up on you guys. You are such a cute little family!!