Thursday, August 21, 2008


So after a few people talked to me about blogging on, I finally have caved. But you can’t just start a blog without something to blog about. Drum roll please…… Jeff and I are proud to announce the arrival of our new puppy, Sadie. Sadie is 8 weeks old and super cute. She is a pure bread German Shepard. Both of her parents come from a very long line of police and medical aid dogs. The couple that sold us Sadie owns both the dame and sire. When I went to pick up Sadie, Mr. Bailey (who is the owner/breeder/police officer/police dog trainer) demonstrated just how wonderful German Shepard’s can be if taught well. He gave commands in German and the dogs did everything without hesitation. He had them track his son around the yard and keep him from leaving the yard. They actually herded the 9 year old back into the yard. It was amazing!!! He even has them going to the bathroom in a garden box he built and filled with little pebbles. Of course she is going to need training to be the same way. But it was a very comforting feeling when I saw what excellent parents she had, and even more comforting when I saw her pedigree. I know that does not guarantee she will be the exact same but it helped in making the decision to buy her. Jeff has always wanted a German Shepard as long as he can remember. I wanted a bulldog but seeing that a fully pedigree one cost as little as 1,500.00 I lost that battle. I have to say I was a little apprehensive about getting a big dog. Now that we have her here I absolutely LOVE her. I know she is going to be the best dog for us. She is already crate trained, knows to not jump up, and mostly listen to the command sit. She does have a little chewing problem when it comes to Aynsley’s stuffed animals. But I think it’s a great lesson for Aynsley to keep her toys picked up. Aynsley LOVES Sadie, and Sadie LOVES Aynsley. They both follow each other around all day. They are even napping together. Chica on the other hand still has some warming up to do. I don’t think she like sharing her daddy with the new puppy. Jeff is completely enamored with her. He has gotten up at 7 every morning, just to play with her before work. And calls at least once during the day to check on her.

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Drew and Randi said...

Congrats on the new dog!! were you scared that fatty was going to get eatten? Is that why you had to get rid of him? haha-