Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blanda Update

As spring has melted away winter, the Blanda’s have been busy little bees. Most of our Saturdays have been devoted to helping grandma and grandpa Johnson do renovations on their home. My mom only had to wait 13 years to get to do her house her way. And so far the place looks great! It’s been really awesome to get to work with my brothers and parents to fix up their home. They have done so much for us, so it’s nice to be able to give back a little. Other than that we have, put in our family garden, fixed a broken car, put up our swimming pool, had BBQ’s, birthday’s, dinner’s and game nights with friends (I will NEVER play risk with Roxanne again), a baby belly photo shoot, and just getting ready for baby Blanda to make her big entrance. I am 38 weeks now and she seems to really like it in the belly because nothing is really going on. At my last doctor appointment she was in a breech position, making the repeat C-section that much more of a reality. I am trying to not be to bummed out about it, but I did really have my hopes set for an all-natural birth. But there is still time for her to move to a head down position so I will keep my fingers crossed, and do everything I can to help persuade her to move. I have another doctor appointment tomorrow so we will see if all my efforts to get her to move have worked or not.

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