Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Major Update.

I know, I am the worst blogger EVER! What can I say I have had a super busy year, and I don’t get more than 10 minutes here and there to sit at the computer. Where to being? Well I guess I should start with the biggest news from the Blanda home. We’re pregnant! We had been trying since November of 2008. I have known from the age of 17 that having children would be no easy task; I don’t ovulate very well on my own. So from November to April we tried without any fertility assistance. Then in April my Dr. started me on progesterone and colimed which was only successful in turning me into a 15 pounds heavier extremely stressed to the max bridge troll. I really thought the medication was going to work for us, after taking hundreds of ovulation tests and only getting negatives it was wearing on my soul. So in July I decided that enough was enough and I was going to try another route. I went to see my brother in law Stan, he is a chiropractor and runs his own health and wellness clinic. He had been telling me about these endocrine system scans he started doing and how they had been able to help lots of women with my problem conceive. So I thought “it could work” and I went in. And sure enough all my hormones that were low had something to with my reproductive ability’s. I started to take the herbal supplements to bring up my levels and within a week got my first positive ovulation test. I was so excited I had to remind myself “Now this isn’t a pregnancy test”. Needless to say I was on cloud 9 about it, the treatment was working, there was light in my tunnel. About two months later on a Thursday morning I tested positive for pregnancy, there was a lot of screaming and jumping up and down in our home that morning. The pregnancy has gone very well, I did have bad morning sickness from about week 6 to about week 18. But once that cleared up all was wonderful. We are having another girl, and from the ultra sound we could tell she is in physical perfection. Aynsley is very excited to be a big sister, and she had said that we were having a girl from the very beginning. Aynsley has been so cute about the whole thing, she will read and talk to her “baby sissy”, give my belly hugs and kisses and even tickle the baby belly. She talks about how she is going to help get the baby dressed, and help feed the baby, make sure she is warm enough ect. Every morning we read out of my pregnancy journal book to find out what the baby is doing that day, and she gets so excited. Lately she has been asking, “Is baby sissy coming today?” I am 33 weeks this Thursday, and am due June 25. I have no preconceived notion about how the birth is going go. I would like to have an all-natural birth, but I guess I will have to wait and see is she will be breach like Aynsley. Which in that case we will have to have a repeat cesarean. In the end my number one concern is happy healthy baby, and happy healthy mama.
As far as the rest of the year goes, I would say it was all par for the course. The holidays were awesome! Birthdays rocked. And Jeff and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, we spent a lazy weekend at home alone, thanks grandma and grandpa Johnson for watching Scooter (Aynsley) for us. The only things we have in our planner now is helping my parents renovate their home, painting the outside of our house, have a baby, and do some camping! I will try really hard to stay up to date on this blogging thing but make no promises.

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