Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sun, fun and relaxation!

We just got back from a little slice of heaven were it was 85 degrees and clear blue sky’s. The cruise was AWESOME!!! Everything we had hoped for. We got to go on a submarine ride in Aruba; tour caves and see some stalactites, stalagmites, columns with pools and waterfalls in Curacao, see the Dutch and French side of St. Martins as well as a lovely day on the beach (where we had the BEST quesadilla EVER), snorkeling with turtles in St. Thomas, sunning ourselves on deck with many frozen fruity drinks and so much more! It was a wonderful trip, but as they always say nothing makes you appreciate home more than a vacation. I missed my little sidekick so much, I just kept thinking the whole time how much Aynsley would have loved everything. She missed us to and was so happy to see us. She hugged us for about 30 minutes and kept giggling and giving kisses. Aynsley stayed with my mom on the weekends and with Jeff’s sister Jamie during the week. We have been told that she was perfect and got totally spoiled as well. Jeff and I can’t wait to go again and go as family; hopefully we will be able to talk the grandparents into coming with us as well.


Jessarella said...

Great pictures! You look stunning Jen! I want a vacation again now :)

The Brownings said...

How fun is that! You guys look so good!! So, the last time you guys went on a cruise you got Aynsley....did this cruise create another miracle??!!!!!