Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bucket list

The "Bucket" List.....Things everyone should do before they die. I put an X by the things I have done, a great list though to get started on, I have now realized there is a lot I haven't done yet that I want to do.
Started your own blog X
Slept under the stars X
Played in a band (I played in an orchestra for 7 years does that count??) X
Visited Hawaii X
Watched a meteor shower
Given more than you can afford to charity X
Been to Disneyland X
Climbed a mountain X
Held a praying mantis X
Sang a solo
Bungee jumped
Visited Paris (I want to so bad I can taste it)
Watched a lightning storm at sea
Taught yourself an art from scratch X
Adopted a child
Had food poisoning (Hasn't everyone?) X
Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
Grown your own vegetables X
Slept on an overnight train
Hitch hiked
Taken a sick day when you’re not ill X
Held a lamb
Gone skinny dipping X
Run a Marathon (That’s on my list for next year)
Seen a total eclipse
Watched a sunrise or sunset X (both many times)
Hit a home run X
Been on a cruise X
Seen Niagara Falls in person
Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
Seen an Amish community X
Fired a rifle, shotgun or pistol X
Michelangelo’s David ( I will)
Sung karaoke X
Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt X
Bought a stranger a meal X
Visited Africa
Walked on a beach by moonlight X
Been transported in an ambulance X
Had your portrait painted (drawn)
Gone deep sea fishing
Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
Gone scuba diving or snorkeling X
Kissed in the rain X
Played in the mud X
Gone to a drive-in theater X
Visited the Great Wall of China
Started a business
Taken a martial arts class (also something I will do for sure)
Visited Russia
Served at a soup kitchen X
Sold Girl Scout Cookies X
Gone whale watching X
Got flowers for no reason X
Donated blood, platelets or plasma
Gone sky diving
Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
Bounced a check (oddly enough I haven’t)
Flown in a helicopter
Saved a favorite childhood toy X
Visited the Lincoln Memorial X
Eaten Caviar
Pieced a quilt
Stood in Times Square
Been fired from a job (I have been laid off a few times but never fired.)
Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
Been on a speeding motorcycle
Seen the Grand Canyon in person X
Published something
Bought a brand new car
Walked in Jerusalem
Visited the White House
Had chickenpox X
Sat on a jury
Met someone famous
Joined a book club
Lost a loved one X
Had a baby X
Seen the Alamo in person
Swam in the Ocean X
Owned a cell phone X
Been stung by a bee X
Seen Mount Rushmore in person
Learned to play an instrument X (played for 9 years)
uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment(I’m a nervouse laugher) X
Had a food fight X
Had a snowball fight X
Screamed as loudly as you possibly can X
Ridden a roller coaster X
Visited all 50 states
Taken a road-trip X
Milked a cow
Been in a movie
Crashed a party
Made cookies from scratch X
Gotten a tattoo X
Rafted the Snake River
Performed on stage X LOVE IT
Been to Las Vegas X
Eaten shark
Bought a house X
Been in a combat zone
Walked the Golden Gate Bridge
Touched a stingray X
Broken a bone X
Ridden a horse X
Eaten sushi X (hated it)
Had your picture in the newspaper
Gone back to school
Eaten fried green tomatoes X
Killed and prepared an animal for eating (ewww never!)
Dyed your hair X
Caused a car accident X
Saved someone’s life (I drove a friend to the hospital after she tried to OD on some pills, does that count??)
Held a tarantula X
Touched an iceberg
Changed a baby’s diaper X Just a few
Taken a trip in a hot air balloon
Tag, your it, see how you do on the bucket list!

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