Sunday, December 14, 2008

No mom?!?

So I found out something about myself in the last two weeks. I really hate it when my mom is out of town. She went to Ohio to visit her parents and stay with them for two weeks. I really wanted to go with her and take Aynsley to meet more of her great grandparents. So of course I think it’s a wonderful thing for her to go and see them, but I as super glad she is coming home today! While she was gone the whole house got sick. And when it was my turn and I woke up at 2am sick as a dog one of my thoughts was “I want my mommy and she’s not even in the same state, she would have something to help me feel better.” She always brings me up stuff like sprit or Gatorade, soup, and some stuff to settle the tummy. My super sweet husband stayed home from work to take care of me, and my awesome mother and father in-law brought down some soup, sprite, and Gatorade.
My mother is also my inspiration to bake and make yummy stuff during the holidays. Well last week was the kick off for Christmas baking, and guess how much I got done. None, zip, zero, notta! My inspiration was out of town! And I’m always calling her with questions about random stuff. It was weird not getting to talk to her for so long. Aynsley missed her to, last week we had the Vintage Oak company dinner. We asked my dad if he wouldn’t mind watching Aynsley for us, and of course he didn’t. As soon as she walked into the house she gave her pop pop a hug and then called for her grandma. “Grandma I’m here”. My dad said the managed ok without grandma and that scooter (Aynsley) feel asleep snuggling him. Also Sundays aren’t the same without mom’s cooking! So like I said we are all super glad she is coming home today.

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