Wednesday, December 31, 2008


With all the Christmas craziness I had no chance to blog until now, sorry I’m a bad blogger. We had several Christmas parties to go to this month, which kept our weekends fun and sometimes intense. But I am thankful to have some much of our family and friends so close, and that we all could share the holiday season together. Aynsley was a little more excited about Christmas this year; I think she got the concept of Santa but not completely. She knew what he looked like, and would say his name whenever she saw a picture of him. By Christmas Aynsley could sing jingle bells, so cute to hear!
Christmas Eve we always eat dinner with Jeff’s side of the family. This year Diane made a yummy prime rib roast: so needless to say all the guys were very happy. After we finished stuffing ourselves with as much food as we could eat we all exchanged gifts. Of course grandma and grandpa Blanda spoiled the grandkids, they all got little cd players with a karaoke microphone. Big thanks to Grandma on that one. Grandma had them all ready to go with batteries and a Chipmunk Christmas cd. So Hunter, Fisher, Brady, Aynsley, and Lilly all sang a song for us. It was sooooo cute!!!
On Christmas morning we went to Ihop with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and my brothers. My mom and dad have been doing this for about 5 or 6 years now. I prefer it this way, and then no one is stuck in the kitchen cooking all morning. After breakfast was over we went home to open presents. This year Jeff and I agreed to no presents for each other, our cruise that is coming up here soon was our present. Aynsley made out like a bandit though. Santa brought her a really cute pink mermaid fish tank. Then Jeff and I got her a trunk full of princess dresses and jewelry. We got her a few more princesses’ dresses (I got them at a great price the day after Halloween). We got her more but I would say the princess dresses were the big winner. For dinner we went to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s for dinner. For dinner my mom had a honey baked ham and the worlds best funeral potatoes! I could make myself fat off them I swear! After dinner we opened more presents. And once again Aynsley’s grandparents spoiled her, they got her matching princess shoes for her dresses and a super cute crown. Her aunt Belinda and uncle Jeremiah gave her a cute baby Cinderella, which she know sleep with. Christmas was awesome this year. I am really looking forward to what the new year will bring our family.

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